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Ayana Sheree: Living up to her dreams

Discover Ayana Sheree, a rising artist who is redefining genres with her flirty, seductive and upfront music. Learn about her Caribbean roots and her journey to success as she brings a fresh sound to the music industry.


Ayana Sheree is a talented musician who has carved her own unique path in the music industry. With a sound that blends reggae, R&B, and pop, Ayana has captivated audiences worldwide with her flirty and upfront music. Hailing from East Flatbush in New York, her Caribbean roots have infused a sense of softness into her sound, setting her apart from other artists in the industry. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Ayana’s journey, from her upbringing to her rise as a new artist, and glimpse into her future as she continues to pursue her dreams.

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A Musical Foundation

Ayana Sheree’s love for music was nurtured from a young age. Growing up in a household that embraced her Caribbean heritage, she found herself immersed in the rich sounds of reggae. Her father, a strong influence in her life, took her to a Rasta church where she was exposed to the rhythmic beats and soulful melodies that would shape her own musical style. As a child, Ayana received a small drum set as a gift from her father, igniting her passion for creating music.

Carving Her Path

Ayana’s journey as a musician truly began to take shape when she entered college at the Fashion Institute of Technology. It was during this time that she fully embraced her identity as an artist and started to explore her creativity. Inspired by artists like Rihanna, Ayana realized the power of representation and the impact it could have on others who shared her West Indian heritage. She began to envision herself on the screen, creating music that told her story and connected with people on a deep level.

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Ayana Sheree – Signs (Official Video)

The Debut EP and Rising Buzz

In 2021, Ayana released her debut EP titled “Visible“. This project proved to be a game-changer for her career, catching the attention of listeners across the globe. One standout track, “Flex,” became a sensation on social media platforms, with dance challenges popping up in countries like Japan, Jamaica, Turkey, Brazil, and South Africa. The EP showcased Ayana’s versatility, drawing heavily from her dancehall, reggae, and soca influences while incorporating subtle undertones of R&B. With singles like “Don’t Stop” garnering 20,000 streams on Spotify alone, it’s clear that Ayana’s music is resonating with a wide audience.

Visible – Album by Ayana Sheree

Looking Ahead

As Ayana Sheree continues to establish herself as a rising star, her next goal is to release her new EP, “Undivided Attention.” With the lead single “Work” already gaining traction, fans eagerly anticipate what she has in store for them. Ayana is determined to create a definitive sound that showcases her growth as an artist and reflects her musical vision. Her desire to push boundaries and challenge genre norms sets her apart in an industry that can sometimes feel stagnant.

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Ayana Sheree’s journey from a young girl with a drum set to a burgeoning artist on the cusp of stardom is a testament to her dedication and talent. With her unique blend of reggae, R&B, and pop, she is creating a sound that transcends genres and captivates audiences around the world. Ayana’s music is flirty and upfront, yet carries a softness that can only be attributed to her Caribbean roots. As she forges ahead in her career, Ayana Sheree is undoubtedly living up to her dreams and will soon become a household name in the music industry.

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