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“Before The Fame” – A Unique Album by Teckine

"Before The Fame", a distinctive album by the talented Liberian artist, Teckine. Experience a blending of cultures and emotions like never before.

TecKine, a compelling Liberian artist, stirs the global music scene with his distinctive album “Before The Fame”. This collaboration ignites a new form of artistry that blurs boundaries and invites everyone into his enigmatic world. Seeing beyond the fame and fortune, TecKine presents a raw narrative about his roots, packed with genuine expressions of love, struggle, self-discovery, and societal matters. Be prepared to ride the waves and feel the rhythm like never before!

“Before The Fame” – The Music Experience

Why is “Before The Fame” more than just an album? Beyond its stunning melodies, each song in the album is a unique story on its own. TecKine’s lyrics echoes his experiences and heartfelt reflections of his Liberian roots, offering a soundscape that is both vibrant and profound. The synergistic fusion of Afrobeat, Afropop, Hipco, and traditional Liberian music, creates a unique musical journey. Paired with the production magic of SmyKid and LR Kryze, the result goes beyond just music, but an immersive experience tinged with authenticity and cultural richness. It’s more than just a passive listen, it’s a journey into the heart of Liberia through TecKine’s eyes.

Before The Fame
Before The Fame Album Art

Emergence of a New Sound

What makes this album unique? The harmonious blend of different music genres and elements paints a rich tapestry of sounds that is not only captivating but refreshing. From rhythmic drums and melodic guitars to infectious synths, TecKine crafted an album that transcends boundaries, and delves deep into the essence of his cultural roots infused with modern melodies.

“My overall sound is afrofusion, which is highly influenced by the culture”

The Threads of the Tapestry

Ever wondered what goes into creating such a compelling music narrative? The album artwork says it all, a piece of art by Dominic G. Wollor Jr. that encapsulates the essence of TecKine’s pre-fame life. Amongst melody and rhythm, the listener also experiences the visually stunning explorations of the album’s narrative through the cover art.

“Before The Fame” features collaborations with various artists including songstress Jesslyn, Aaron Jay, Prblm Kid and the legendary influence of Sundayguy Dearboy.

before the fame
Before The Fame Track list

In Summary

Daring, innovative, and deeply personal, “Before The Fame” by TecKine is more than just an album – it’s a vivid narration of a journey through the vibrant landscapes of Liberia and a bold testament to TecKine’s unfiltered view of the world beyond the fame. It’s an experience that transcends time and space – one that music lovers around the world should not overlook.



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