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Boifatty Drops New Tune – We Know


Boifatty, the influential Liberian music sensation, has once again created a buzz in the music industry. His latest masterpiece, “We Know,” produced by Flexzzbeat, is creating waves and leaving both critics and fans captivated. Evidencing his remarkable expertise and unique style, the song secures Boifatty’s authority in the music scene.

Boifatty – An Epitome of Musical Excellence

With his unique and resonating vibe, Boifatty continues to assert his experience and expertise, not just in the Liberian music industry but also traversing international waters. From engaging lyrics to catchy tunes, his artistry has always left fans wanting more. His latest offering, “We Know,” affirms this fact. But what makes this song extraordinary?

The Magic Of “We Know”

From the word go, “We Know” engulfs you in a whirlpool of peppy beats and insightful lyrics. The seamless blend of traditional and modern influences speaks volumes of Flexzzbeat’s production prowess. Boifatty’s voice also adds an extra dimension to the song, enhancing the rhythmic beauty.
But wait, why are listeners resonating with this song? Why is “We Know” a big deal?
The song’s powerful lyrics, coupled with Boifatty’s mellifluous voice, create an emotional connection with the listeners. It’s the repetitive chorus, a signature of Boifatty’s style, coupled with an enchanting mix of beats that has the audience hooked. Moreover, the song’s charm isn’t merely tied to the harmony. It’s the relatable sentiment that invokes a sense of familiarity among listeners.

Impact On The Music Scene

“We Know”‘s release underlines Boifatty’s consistent artistic growth and his ability to keep his audience on their toes. It’s a testament to his knack for musical innovation, reflecting his expertise and experience.


Boifatty’s “We Know” is more than just a music release; it’s a reaffirmation of his artistic authority, a testament to his unwavering passion for music. Earning him much-deserved acclaim, it assures his fans and critics of his continued commitment to providing excellent music.

Listen on Audiomack.



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