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Fazari Joins 1 Million Club on Audiomack

Fazari elevates Liberian music by joining 1 million club on Audiomack. His journey reflects tenacity, excellence, and an unwavering commitment to his craft.


From hustling on the streets to becoming the beacon of Liberia’s new generation of artists, Fazari’s journey has found a new high. The vibrant talent has now joined the prestigious ‘one million’ club on the streaming giant, Audiomack. What took it all to get there? Let’s delve deeper into Fazari’s musical universe to unravel the secrets behind his mesmerizing journey.

Fazari: The Rising Luminary

What do you think about when you hear the name Fazari? A versatile artist? An inspirational figure? Or just the liberating spirit of Liberian music that has touched a million hearts?
Since his entrance into the industry, Fazari turned heads by breaking barriers and pushing the status quo. But was it an easy ride from the start?
The answer, not surprisingly, is a resounding “No!” Fazari had his fair share of challenges, yet his unwavering faith in his abilities continued to guide him on the roller coaster ride called ‘life’.

Joining the 1 Million Club: Answering the Call of Victory

There are few done things in the “music world” as exhilarating as joining the Audiomack’s “1 Million Club”, and certainly for Fazari, it was no different. To say he was ecstatic would understate his emotions when he announced this accomplishment on his official Facebook page, “Bruhhhhhhhh can’t believe this I have work so hard for this from 2021-2023 and still moving!”

So, what was the driving force behind this amazing achievement? “Relentless hard work and the desire to touch people’s lives with my music”, affirms Fazari.

Stepping Stone to Greater Heights?

Joining the 1 million club is undoubtedly a testament to Fazari’s knack for creating music that resonates with audiences. But is this accomplishment a stopping point for the ingenious artist or just a stepping stone to a greater destiny?

Fazari humbly responds, “There is no end to music, one can always go higher, go deeper. This achievement, though remarkable, is just a checkpoint in my ongoing journey.”


In the dynamic world of music, every new feather in the cap is symbolic of an artist’s dedication towards their craft. For Fazari, joining 1 million club on Audiomack is not only a validation of his exceptional talent but also a manifestation of his relentless pursuit to create timeless music.
Riding on this wave of success, he continues to inspire millions and fortify his position as the king of the new generation!

Listen to “Wah Yur Problem” by Fazari



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