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Get to Know Lauretta Birane Cisse: Youtuber and Philanthropist

Lauretta Birane Cisse: Who Is She?

An overview of Lauretta Birane Cisse requires delving into her background, endeavors, and the profound impact she has made so far. Based in Liberia, this African content creator is a senior student at the African Methodist Episcopal University, majoring in Mass Communications with an emphasis on sociology. Through dedication and passion for her country, Lauretta has quickly gained recognition for her unique YouTube content. Isn’t it amazing how one person can make such a difference with their determination and commitment?

Lauretta on the road between Grand Gedeh and River Gee counties

Turning Negativity into Positive Content

In 2021, Lauretta started her YouTube channel, intending to counteract the rampant negative content about Liberia rampant on the internet. Focusing on travel, lifestyle, entrepreneurship, and impact, she turned the narrative around to showcase her country in a positive light. Through her platform, she was able to establish a bond between Liberians in the diaspora and Liberians in Liberia, fostering goodwill to expedite the development of Liberia. Quite inspiring, isn’t it?

YouTube player
Hometown of Samuel Kanyon Doe, Liberia’s 21st President|| Tuzon, Grand Gedeh County

Making a Tangible Impact

Lauretta’s YouTube channel has proven instrumental in facilitating practical change in the lives of many Liberians. In January 2023, she kicked off the new year by visiting an orphanage in Grand Bassa County. Through the generosity of her YouTube subscribers, she was able to donate $1,000 and essential school items for the children.

Come April 2023, and another heartwarming chapter was added to Lauretta’s journey. A Liberian graduate was gifted with a Pepper Cala shop, worth $1500, after her daunting story was shared via Lauretta’s YouTube channel. Moving forward to June, her subscribers made generous offerings of benches, blackboards, windows, doors, and school supplies to the Kamara-ta public school in Bong County. An additional donation of $600 was also made to the Kenema school in Bong County.

In her words, Lauretta expresses her surprise and joy, “It shocks me every day when I realize that these things are happening because of the videos I do. Whenever I feel demotivated, I think about all the communities that don’t have people to speak on behalf of them, and that keeps me going.”

A Journey Littered with Challenges

The journey thus far has had its fair share of challenges and setbacks for Lauretta. Lack of the necessary gadgets did not deter her from embarking on her mission to showcase Liberia to the world. “I didn’t have a phone with a good camera, so I used to borrow my friends’ iPhones to record videos, transfer to my Android phone, and start editing,” she recounts. She remained committed, consistent, and patient, which she believes are the key to succeeding as a content creator in Liberia.

Lauretta posed with some recipients

Tune in to Lauretta Birane Cisse’s Adventures

Having toured over 13 counties in Liberia, the industrious YouTuber intends to broaden her horizons by touring West Africa. Be sure to stay tuned to her captivating adventures by subscribing to her YouTube channel.

YouTube player
Grand Cess Town in Grand Kru County||Liberia, West Africa. 🇱🇷

You can also catch up with her on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.



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