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Hip-Hop Duo Co.Z And Producer Sean Wrekless Release “Bitter Root” Highlife Remixes Album

The unique collaboration of Liberian Hip-Hop artist Co.Z and producer Sean Wrekless on "Bitter Root" Highlife Remixes Album has created new waves in the music industry. It brings together African Highlife grooves and American Hip-Hop vibes!


There’s ‘wreking’ news in the music industry! Hip-Hop duo Co.Z and producer Sean Wrekless have released a path-breaking music collaboration their fans were eagerly waiting for. And what is that? They’ve teamed up to give us the “Bitter Root” Highlife Remixes Album. Here’s everything you need to know about this head-turning development.

Hip-Hop Duo Co.Z and Producer Sean Wrekless

Co.Z is a quintessential Hip-Hop artist from Liberia, known for their unique rap patterns, thought-provoking lyrics, and distinctive sounds. Partnering with US-based Sean Wrekless, a producer of Liberian descent, it seems like Co.Z has found a kindred spirit in making music that stands out.

Bitter Root Highlife Remixes Album

A few weeks ago, Co.Z released the original “Bitter Root” album. This new release, however, is a complete remix of that original. Wondering what’s unique about it? The entire album has been reimagined and reproduced by Sean Wrekless. He’s taken the liberty of sampling some classic Hi-Life records and melding them seamlessly with Hip-Hop lyrics and style. When it comes to the artist lineup, it doesn’t disappoint either. The album features an impressive roster of talents, each adding their flavor, making this a vibe worth soaking in.

The Flavor of the Album

Want to know what makes this album a treat for the ears? To begin with, the fusion of the nostalgic African Hi-Life sounds with the upbeat American Hip-Hop vibes gives it a distinctive flavor. Sean Wrekless, with his keen ear for music and Co.Z’s lyrical prowess, have succeeded in creating an album that speaks volumes about their individual talents and collective creativity. In short, “Bitter Root” Highlife Remixes Album is a testament to their experience, expertise, authenticity, and the trust they have in their art. It’s not just an album; it’s a bold statement, perhaps even a revolution, in the music industry. Take a listen, and you’ll know – Co.Z and Sean Wrekless have indeed ‘wreked’ the music scene with this innovative release.


The “Bitter Root” Highlife Remixes Album is a fresh take on music fusion. It stands as the perfect march of classic and modern, past and present, and most importantly, Africa and America. It’s a melange of sounds, styles, and cultures. Co.Z and Sean Wrekless have successfully melded the old and the new, creating a masterpiece that is as vibrant as it is nostalgic. In a nutshell, this album is a celebration of their hip-hop roots and highlife influences, making it a must on your playlist!

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