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Janglin’ Jiggy Waz Hints New Music in the Offing

“There’s some jiggy in the air!” exclaimed the thunderous tunesmith, Jiggy Waz. The Liberian sensation took us by storm when he revealed the possibility of new music on the horizon via a Facebook post, shortly after releasing his heart-throbbing album “It’s a vibe”. But what does this all communicate about the artist’s craft and expertise? Can we expect the same flavorful aura that we’ve been treated to until now?

Jiggy Waz Hints New Music: A Testament to His Dedication

Daniel Bendah, popularly known as Jiggy Waz, is no stranger to the music industry. This taste-maker’s willingness to experiment with his creative faculty reflects his commitment and passion for music. But what clues are hidden in this revelation about his upcoming music? Or should we say, what musical feast does he have in store for us next?

The Liberian artist’s mastery in afro-beat, highlife, dancehall, and other genres could be a hint towards the fact that fans might be served a delightful sonic fusion in his new music. His candid assertion of wanting to take his music to “another level” by creating a “cross-cultural impression” certainly amplifies the anticipation!

A Glimpse into the Past: “It’s a Vibe”

Remember the eargasm from Jiggy Waz’s previous offerings like “Sky Trip”, “Camera” and “Freaky” featuring the Nigerian megastar Bella Shrumda? They were not just casual hits. They were a manifestation of the artist’s well-defined style and profound lyrics that create an immediate, visceral impact on his audience.

‘It’s a vibe,’ his most recent album, overflowed with a tantalizing blend of eclectic tunes and was a palpable testament to his lyrical prowess. Does this not raise the question – Is intricate realism Jiggy Waz’s signature style? It appears so!

The Eager Anticipation: What Can We Expect?

Hardcore fans—new music is brewing! But, what can you expect?
The forecast predicts a meteor shower of enthralling beats and enchanting lyrics. After all, the musician has a knack for creating soul-stirring music that leaves its listeners in a trance. Adding fuel to the fire is his acute understanding of different musical styles which might likely result in a refreshing sound. But hey! Isn’t unpredictability the spice of life?
Who knows, the new music might just be another masterpiece from Jiggy Waz, transcending boundaries and churning the consensus of “impossible” to a beloved realm of “warm possibilities”.

I guess we can only hold our breaths and ready our music players, as we wait to ride the waves of Jiggy Waz’s new musical creation. But will he live up to his promise to deliver artistically rich pieces that resonate with the soul? Only time will tell. As for now, let’s keep our ears open!



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