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Kizzy W Releases New Tune Tagged “Ronaldo”

Discover Kizzy W's latest hit "Ronaldo" and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Afrobeat music. Experience his unique style and cultural essence today!

In the world of music, one artist who has been making waves is none other than Newton S. Woyeh, professionally known as Kizzy W. With his unique style and captivating performances, Kizzy W has gained immense popularity among music lovers. Recently, he released a brand new tune titled “Ronaldo”, which has taken the music scene by storm.

Kizzy W: An Afrobeat Sensation

Kizzy W had a breakthrough year in 2022, with numerous accolades and achievements to his name. He proved his talent and prowess in the music industry by winning prestigious awards like the MLMA Awards and being crowned as the Afropop Artist of the Year. His hit single, “Ronaldo”, also won the title of Afropop Song of the Year.

The Cultural Essence of Kizzy W’s Music

When it comes to the music of Kizzy W, one cannot help but be captivated by its unique cultural essence. He is known for his Afrobeat style, which originated in the 1960s and 1970s as a blend of traditional music from West Africa, emphasizing vibrant percussion rhythms. This fusion of traditional and contemporary sounds creates a mesmerizing experience for listeners, transporting them to a world of joy and celebration.

“Ronaldo”: A New Banger by Kizzy W

Among his impressive repertoire, “Ronaldo” stands out as a tune that showcases Kizzy W’s versatility and creativity as an artist. The song is an infectious fusion of Afrobeat and catchy melodies, coupled with Kizzy W’s soulful vocals and relatable lyrics. With its energetic beats and irresistible rhythm, “Ronaldo” has become an instant hit that is taking over the airwaves and playlists worldwide.

The Inspiration Behind “Ronaldo”

Curious about how Kizzy W came up with the idea for “Ronaldo”? The inspiration behind the song stems from Kizzy W’s admiration for girls that whine their waists skillfully like Cristiano Ronaldo, the legendary Portuguese footballer. Just like Ronaldo’s impressive skills on the field, Kizzy W aims to emulate that level of success and excellence in the music industry.

Kizzy W’s Impact in the Music World

Kizzy W’s rise to prominence is not only attributed to his remarkable talent but also to his ability to capture the hearts of music enthusiasts. His infectious energy on stage and his relatability as an artist enable him to connect with his fans on a deep level. Kizzy W’s music has the power to uplift spirits, promote cultural diversity, and unite people from all walks of life through the universal language of music.

Stay Tuned for More from Kizzy W

With the release of “Ronaldo”, Kizzy W has once again demonstrated his musical prowess and ability to create captivating tunes. Fans eagerly anticipate what Kizzy W has in store for the future, as he continues to push the boundaries of Afrobeat and deliver exceptional music.


Kizzy W’s new tune, “Ronaldo”, is a testament to his artistry and talent. With its infectious beats, relatable lyrics, and cultural essence, the song has captivated fans worldwide. Kizzy W’s unique style and dedication to his craft have solidified his position as one of the most prominent Afrobeat artists of our time. So, if you’re in need of a musical uplift, be sure to check out “Ronaldo” and experience the magic of Kizzy W.



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