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Kobazzie Releases Anti-Election Violence Song “Wetin You Wan Do”

Liberian artist Kobazzie releases a song "Wetin You Wan Do" against election violence ahead of the 2023 general and presidential elections, urging for peace and responsible voting.

Liberian artist Kobazzie, real name Korte Dorbor Bazzie, has unveiled a timely piece titled “Wetin You Wan Do”. The song, released prior to Liberia’s 2023 general and presidential elections, stands as a call for peaceful conduct and free elections. It is a mesh of melody and message, exemplifying Kobazzie’s remarkable musical prowess and a sign of his ambition, creating a unique influence and social responsibility.

Kobazzie’s Stand Against Election Violence

Kobazzie distinctly uses his voice and platform to call out to the citizens of Liberia with his new song. He draws his listeners’ attention inwards, urging them to exercise their democratic rights responsibly.

In Kobazzie’s words, “Say No To Election Violence! As we approach Liberia’s General Elections, we the citizens need to realize the power is now ours and we need to ask critical questions of our politicians and help educate and raise the rightful awareness within our communities and country.”

Indeed, coming from a place of authority and trust, how will we, as citizens, respond? The answer lies in our conduct as we approach the elections.

What Does “Wetin You Wan Do” Imply?

The title of the song “Wetin You Wan Do” directly translates to “What do you want to do?”. It is Kobazzie’s musical question posed to the Liberian populace. Are they going to act violently during the elections or choose to trod the path of peace?

More than just a lyrical composition, “Wetin You Wan Do” serves as a wake-up call, a reminder that the power lies not with those who incite violence but with the ordinary citizens that make up the voting population.

While the song may appear as a catchy tune at first, delving deeper into its message reveals Kobazzie’s stand against election violence. It effectively emphasizes the need for a peaceful election and harmonious coexistence.


Kobazzie’s candid message throughout his song “Wetin You Wan Do” reaffirms his expertise and influence, highlighting the power of music in advocacy. By using his talent and platform responsibly, he fosters a culture of peace and civility during the election season.

Music has the power to cross borders and build bridges. In this case, Kobazzie uses his to drive a message of importance – to shun violence and choose peace. As the Liberian general and presidential elections approach, it’s hoped that his message echoes through the hearts and minds of Liberians.



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