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Liberia: President Weah Deserves A Second Chance – Representative Candidate Franklin Sarkoh Says

Liberia: President Weah Deserves A Second Chance – Representative Candidate Franklin Sarkoh Says

MONROVIA – Montserrado County District #16 Representative Candidate Franklin Sarkoh II has stressed the need for the political leader of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, George Weah, to be given a second chance to lead his people. According to the hopeful representative, the tangible work done by the Liberian leader for his people over the period is a compelling reason why he should be re-elected.

Mr. Sarkoh said President Weah serves as an inspiration for young people, and the youthful population of the country should take the necessary steps for the betterment of society. He commended President Weah for, among other things, contributing to the country’s peaceful state in the absence of external or foreign security presence and assistance, unlike previous administrations.

“President Weah is a true leader with great plans for his people, and as such, his re-election should be a priority for all Liberians, especially the young people,” he emphasized.

Sarkoh, who is running on the ticket of the opposition Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia, was an influential member of the ruling establishment’s youth league in District #16. He believes that the Chief Executive is a people-centered leader who has consistently worked to transform the lives of young people and is committed to empowering future leaders.

Discussing his political ambition, the young politician stated that it is high time for young people to step up to the challenge in order to make a difference. “We have been on the sidelines for far too long; we need to step up and take on the mantle of authority to lead our people because they need us now,” he added.

Sarkoh highlighted that District sixteen deserves better, given its rich potential, and further expressed his commitment to making such a difference. “It saddens me to witness my people’s suffering when trustworthy and influential individuals are present but unable to make a change for them,” he said.

However, Sarkoh vowed to effectively represent his constituents under the slogan of his team: “Building Dreams and Making a Difference.” He affirmed his understanding of his people’s needs and pledged to collaborate with them through robust advocacy to bring about necessary improvements.

“I will engage in projects and activities that will positively impact the lives of my people,” he added. He expressed confidence in changing the political landscape within the district, particularly by working closely with his impactful team members.

The professional accountant named better representation, women and youth empowerment, sanitation, healthcare, educational opportunities, and sound advocacy for his people as key areas he will focus on if elected Representative of District #16, Montserrado County.

The young politician simultaneously urged his constituents to maintain their peaceful disposition and engage in the political process using issue-based approaches rather than resorting to character assassination.



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