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Liberian Rising Stars Collaborate to Release “One Vote, One Voice”: Promoting Unity in Elections

Drickie, M Sama, Joeim, and SN Puchi join forces to release "One Vote, One Voice," a powerful anthem promoting unity and emphasizing the significance of peaceful and transparent elections in Liberia. Exercise your right to make a difference through your vote!


In a powerful display of unity and creativity, Liberian rising stars Drickie, M Sama, Joeim, and SN Puchi have joined forces to release a thought-provoking song titled “One Vote, One Voice.” This captivating song serves as an anthem for promoting unity and emphasizes the significance of peaceful, free, and transparent elections where the voices of the people truly matter. In a country that has seen its fair share of challenges, this collaboration aims to encourage citizens to exercise their right to vote and shape the future of Liberia together.

Advocating for Peaceful, Free, and Transparent Elections

Elections are not just significant to politicians and candidates; they hold tremendous importance for ordinary citizens whose votes determine the path the nation will tread for the next period. “One Vote, One Voice” heralds the message of unity and highlights the essence of inclusive and fair elections. It underlines the fact that every single vote counts and has the power to shape the destiny of Liberia.

With its catchy tunes and powerful lyrics, this awareness song resonates with audiences across the country. Produced by the talented SN Puchi, the song captures the spirit of the Liberian people and their aspirations for a brighter future. Aspiring to create a society where everyone’s voices are heard, the collaboration between Drickie, M Sama, Joeim, and SN Puchi brings together a diverse range of talents to deliver a unifying message.

The Importance of Unity in Elections

Unity plays a crucial role in elections, especially in countries recovering from periods of political instability. Liberia has made remarkable progress in recent years, restoring peace and stability to the nation. However, maintaining this positive trajectory requires the continued engagement and participation of its citizens. By joining forces and releasing “One Vote, One Voice,” these rising stars are urging Liberians to embrace unity and participate actively in the electoral process.

Inclusive elections that represent the voices of all citizens foster a sense of belonging and collective responsibility. They provide an opportunity to address societal issues, promote progress, and build a prosperous future. By highlighting the significance of unity, the song encourages every Liberian to see beyond their differences and work towards a common goal – a nation that thrives on the principles of equality, justice, and shared prosperity.

Voting for the Liberia You Want

“One Vote, One Voice” promotes the idea of voting for the Liberia you want – a nation that embodies the values and aspirations of its people. By emphasizing the importance of individual votes, the song empowers citizens to take an active role in shaping the future they desire. Each vote represents a voice, a belief, and a dream for a better Liberia. Through its captivating lyrics, “One Vote, One Voice” inspires ordinary citizens to participate in the electoral process courageously. It sends a powerful message that change is possible when individuals unite and exercise their right to vote. Whether it’s choosing a leader who champions education, supports economic growth, or advocates for equality, the song serves as a rallying cry for citizens to make their voices heard through the ballot box.


The collaboration between Drickie, M Sama, Joeim, and SN Puchi in releasing “One Vote, One Voice” amplifies the importance of unity, inclusivity, and active citizen participation in elections. By joining forces, these rising stars inspire Liberians to embrace their collective power and shape the destiny of their beloved nation. Through this powerful anthem, they encourage citizens to vote for the Liberia they want – a country that stands united, prosperous, and driven by the actual voices of its people.

In a nation that has overcome significant challenges, “One Vote, One Voice” brings hope, unity, and a renewed sense of purpose to Liberia. Let us stand together, shoulder to shoulder, as we celebrate the power of unity and endeavor to create a Liberia that we can all be proud of.




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