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Meet De Licia, the traveler and youtuber making a difference

Unravel the world of De Licia, a fervent traveler, YouTube sensation, singer, and brand ambassador for Kpatawee Waterfalls, who never ceases to inspire and thrill.

De Licia is a travel enthusiast and a YouTube sensation who is leaving an indelible mark in the arena of adventure and exploration. Apart from being a passionate traveler, she is also an accomplished singer and brand ambassador for Kpatawee Waterfalls.
De Licia’s journey in the world of music is as spellbinding as her exploration tours. Her songs are a reflection of her bold and vivacious personality. Also, they carry strong messages of motivation and positivity, creating a thrilling blend of melody and inspiration. As a prominent figure in the travel domain, she has been appointed the brand ambassador for Kpatawee Waterfalls. This association has not only boosted the image of the waterfall but has also expanded De Licia’s horizons as a brand influencer.

The Don’t-Hold-Back Approach

One of the most significant aspects about De Licia’s style is her ‘no-holding-back’ approach. Her fearlessness and spontaneity are infectious, and it continuously fuels her to push boundaries. So, how does she manage to keep her daring spirit alive? She says, it’s all about taking the plunge and let the adventure unwind itself.

De Licia’s YouTube Channel: A Mix of Thrill and Wonder

Her YouTube channel, DeLiciaLifeNTravel, is a trove of versatile content: travelogues, vlogs, song covers, and motivational talks. It offers a sneak peek into the amazing places that she visits. It doesn’t stop there; she uses her platform to share her experiences, learnings, and thoughts. All these elements collectively make her channel a real treat for the viewers. De Licia’s Contribution Towards Community De Licia’s efforts extend beyond exploring places and sharing her experiences. She makes a consistent effort to contribute back to the communities she visits. Such an initiative is a testament to her humility and the desire to make a positive difference.


Drawing the curtains, De Licia represents the new breed of explorers and influencers who are not confined to one realm. Through her voyages and music, she encourages others to break free from their comfort zones and venture into the unknown. So, are you ready to meet De Licia and embark on an exciting journey?

De Licia
De Licia



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