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Meet Khaled Kush: Liberia’s Rising Hip-Hop Star

Who is Khaled Kush?

Meet Khaled Kush, a powerful name leaving an indelible mark in the musical landscape of Liberia. Born Romeo Alvin Luke, this young rapper and songwriter is capturing the hearts of music lovers across borders, and is slated to be Liberia’s next big music sensation.
Born and raised in Monrovia, Liberia, Khaled found his passion for music at a young age. He was entranced by the versatile and expressive art form of rap from listening to artists such as Lil Wayne, Drake, 2Chainz, and J Cole. What did he discover within his teenage years? He had a unique affinity towards music, and passion ignited his heart to start writing music at the tender age of 15.

Khaled Kush’s Musical Journey

The creative genius behind the alias Khaled Kush launched his debut single “Addicted” in 2019. It quickly garnered attention and stirred a buzz, attracting high-profile personalities including Rickslyn Myers, DJ Asaboy, and Nuchie Meek to name but a few.
In the following year, Khaled further solidified his place in the music scene by teaming up with mega-talents Slyzee, Mc Caro and Co.Z on the Beatwind Official Cypher. His recent diverse collaborations even include the catchy track, “Shawty”, featuring A cool.

Triumph In His Field

With music as his ultimate muse, Khaled Kush clinched victory at the Bucky Raw “Amen” Rap Challenge in 2019. But, who are the influencers that this rising star admires? Khaled pays tribute to his role models, which include heavyweights such as Nasty C, J Cole, and Bucky Raw.

Get to Know Khaled Kush

Wondering where to find more of Khaled Kush’s work? He held the reins of creativity and musical talent and steered them towards successful fruition. Check out his recent works:

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Khaled Kush – Street Love
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Khaled Kush – Addicted


Khaled Kush’s journey to stardom is an embodiment of passion, talent, and dedication. With his meaningful lyrics and distinctive style, he is certainly the name to watch out for in the Liberian music industry. How will he inspire the next generation of rappers? Only time will tell, but if history is any indication, he’s set for a soaring trajectory.



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