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Nigerian Singer TeeMirror Unleashes New EP: What Works Works, What Doesn’t Doesn’t

Get in tune with Nigerian sensation TeeMirror as he unveils his new EP, titled, 'What Works Works, What Doesn't Doesn't'. Dive into his unique sound and explore his cultural influences.

TeeMirror, real name Bayode Temiloluwa Oladapo is making waves in the music industry. His work is heavily influenced by the vibrant culture of his homeland. But who exactly is this rising star? Let’s delve into his journey and his freshly-released EP ‘What Works Works, What Doesn’t Doesn’t’.

‘What Works Works, What Doesn’t Doesn’t’ (WWW:WDD): Tee Mirror’s Prime Project

TeeMirror has unleashed his prime project, the brilliantly-titled EP, ‘What Works Works, What Doesn’t Doesn’t’ (WWW:WDD). This EP features a total of five songs, each unique in its own merit. It clearly showcases Tee Mirror’s exceptional talent and his ability to embody the cultural depth of Nigerian music.

But, who are the brains behind the creative production of this EP? TeeMirror worked with an ensemble of talented creators such as Great Unicorn, Dawie, LMax, Ajura, and Kezbeatz. Each producer brought their unique touch to the EP.


Unraveling the Tracks

So, what can we expect from the EP?

1. Intro: The Prelude introduces the project with Baba Akile who brought Yoruba words of wisdom to bring the artiste out of depression; encouraging him on staying true to his legit means of making a living amidst the pressure of life. Fash also brought in praises to cheer him up which coagulated to form a starter pack for the EP.

2. Na Lie: is the first progression that portrays a depressed person from a broken relationship trying to fight his emotions to withstand the ruins of his love life.

3. God When (Giveaway): beckons on fate for something new, a better relationship with the hope that at this time, it will never be given away; protecting it jealously bearing in mind that only God’s way can guarantee sustainability.

4. Better By Far: is a boastful song that shows off a someone who is already healed and ready to face life once again which was birthed from the University of ilorin catchphrase/slogan. A completed process of rejuvenation..

5. Stress:Away: beckons on any negative vibes to stay away now that there is healing in place and it all seemed better and working well. “Anything wey wan stress me, away”. This actually resonates with everyone’s daily life as we are faced with a form of stress or the other. The theme of this song, the viral captivating nature left listeners craving for more. It’s danceable, it’s Tiktok friendly and it’s the focus-track off the project.

“DAILY2K Wazobia remix” featuring Morell x Chaplett is a thirst well quenched as fans from Kano, kaduna and Sokoto, and the Eastern region loved the song DAILY2K but didn’t understand the Yoruba part of the song. To bring the song closer, we made DAILY2K Wazobia remix.

Capturing the Essence of Nigerian Culture

Self-acclaimed Culture-spokesperson TeeMirror with the influence of legends like King Sunny Ade, 9ice, Jaywon, music from Mali and a host of others he looks up to has carved his niche and style around what promotes the African culture. With this, you would always hear chants, Yoruba adages, local African instrumentation and other elements that set him apart.
TeeMirror carved a niche for himself categorized under a sub-genre under afrobeats which he named “AfroTRAD; Afro traditional sound”. He described his songs as moments-inspired as many experiences, stories and happenings around him form the lyrics and type of songs he generates

With all said and analysed. We can’t wait for the positive results from TeeMirror as his E.P which is barely 24hrs in the market has sold streams in very large quantity with many videos attached to his sounds on Tiktok.

Final Thoughts: Trust in Tee Mirror’s Expertise

Tee Mirror’s new EP, ‘What Works, Works, What Doesn’t, Doesn’t’ is a testament to his expertise, authority, and experience in the music industry. His trust in his own talent and the creative team behind him has clearly paid off with the successful release of this exciting project.

So, if you are eager to taste the flavor of Nigeria’s modern music scene, TeeMirror’s EP, ‘What Works Works, What Doesn’t, Doesn’t’ is just what you need. Can we expect more such cultural masterpieces from Tee Mirror in the future? Given his track record, it seems very likely. In the meantime, let’s sit back and dive into the rhythmic world of WWW:WDD.

Great things are in the mirror for this Nigerian sensation!

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