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Small Temper Teases New Song “PEACE” featuring L’ Frankie

Small Temper teases his latest song "PEACE" featuring L Frankie. Discover the inspiration behind the song and the anticipated release date in this article.

Amavi Swaray, also known as Small Temper, is a talented Liberian artist currently based in the US. He recently took to his Instagram page to announce his latest release, a song titled “PEACE” featuring L Frankie. In this article, we will delve into the inspiration behind the song, its production details, and what we can expect from Small Temper’s new release.

Finding Peace in Various Ways

According to Small Temper, the central theme of his upcoming song “PEACE” is the pursuit of inner peace. He believes that many individuals often try to find peace by sacrificing their own happiness to satisfy others. However, these endeavors often lead to disappointment. Small Temper has reached a point in his life where he no longer wants to compromise his own well-being for the sake of others. If peace could be bought at a bar, he would be willing to pay for it once and for all.

Collaborative Efforts with L Frankie

Small Temper has chosen to collaborate with L Frankie on his latest song. L Frankie brings a fresh and unique perspective to the track, complementing Small Temper’s musical style. The partnership between these two artists is expected to create a captivating and harmonious experience for the listeners.

Production Details

“PEACE” was produced by the talented Kellzbeatz. Known for his exceptional production skills, Kellzbeatz has worked with numerous artists in the industry and is renowned for his ability to create captivating beats that enhance the overall impact of a song.

Anticipated Release

Fans of Small Temper have eagerly been awaiting his new release. With the announcement of “PEACE” featuring L Frankie, the anticipation has only grown stronger. The release date of the song is yet to be confirmed, but Small Temper has hinted at an exciting upcoming music video to accompany the release.


Small Temper’s upcoming song “PEACE” featuring L Frankie is set to be a powerful representation of the artist’s journey towards finding inner peace. Through his music, Small Temper encourages listeners to prioritize their own happiness and not compromise it for the sake of others. The collaboration with L Frankie and the skilled production of Kellzbeatz promise to make this song a memorable and impactful listening experience.



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