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Spotlight: Mariama Tuzee Toure – Bridging the Gap Between Activism and Entrepreneurship

Meet Mariama Tuzee Toure: founder of T’s Twist, advocate for gender issues, and beacon of inspiration for young entrepreneurs and activists alike.

Mariama Tuzee Toure, criminal justice professional, justice, peace, and cohesion student, and founder of T’s Twist, is making waves in both entrepreneurship and activism. By advocating for gender and societal issues while also building her own business, Ms. Toure is indeed bridging two essential fields. But who is she, and what led her to this dynamic intersection?

Mariama Tuzee Toure: Entrepreneur and Activist

Mariama is driven by a passion for justice, peace, and the empowerment of women. With a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Adventist University of West Africa, she’s now studying for her master’s degree at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, where she’s doing a triple major in Justice, Peace, and Cohesion. While furthering her studies, Ms. Toure found the time and passion to create T’s Twist, a Liberian business using locally-sourced organic fruits to produce a variety of natural fruit flavors. This innovative endeavor blends entrepreneurship with activism, promoting not only economic growth but also gender equity.

T’s Twist: A Twist on Local Business

At the heart of Mariama’s business venture is T’s Twist. This beverage company uncompromisingly uses organic fruits from local farmers, adding a distinctive touch by blending the fruits with distilled sugarcane wine. The result? An enticing variety of natural fruit flavors, all bearing the signature ‘twist’. But why is using local resources so significant? Not only does T’s Twist provide an avenue for employment and economic development for local farmers in Liberia, but it also champions environmental sustainability by promoting organic farming practices. T’s Twist comes in 4 delicious flavors: Bissap, Lemon & Ginger, Watermelon and Papaya. Compared to other products, It is affordable and promotes a sense of culture amongst people.

Empowering Women through Entrepreneurship

Mariama’s involvement in societal matters extends beyond her business. She strongly believes that women should actively participate as inventors of their own ideas and regularly advocates for gender issues affecting all of Liberia. But how does this align with her entrepreneurial role? Her company, T’s Twist, shines a light on the extraordinary possibilities of female entrepreneurship.

Tuzee in Nairobi, Kenya

A Blend of Education and Advocacy

Advocacy plays a significant role in Toure’s life. Her dedication to eradicating violence against women and children is evident in her actions. She employs her platforms, most notably her social media accounts, to raise awareness about these issues and advocate for others’ welfare.

Mariama’s passion for making a difference permeates her work as an entrepreneur. She spends her time finding practical solutions to gender disparities while empowering other like-minded innovators.

The Power of Youth

With a keen eye for potential, Mariama believes in the power of youth as drivers for change. To this end, her enterprise aims to nurture and develop their talents into a force capable of influencing societal progress positively.

She says, “Youth possess a certain untapped potential that can be harnessed as agents of change. I aim to provide the platform to unlock this potential.”

Conclusion: An Incandescent Example

Mariama Tuzee Toure is not just bridging the gap between entrepreneurship and activism; she’s also serving as a beacon of ingenuity for other young people. Her unflinching dedication to eradicating violence against women and children, coupled with her talent for nurturing innovative ventures, establishes her as a force to be reckoned with. Truly, her work is a stunning spotlight on the potential of dedication, innovation, and advocacy.

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