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Teckine Drops Visuals for “Black Magic”

Experience the enchanting visuals and captivating storyline of Teckine's "Black Magic" music video, directed by Love Weah Production. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing talent of this rising legend.

Liberian rising superstar Felton Flomo, popularly known as Teckine, has recently unveiled the captivating music video for his highly anticipated collaboration with songstress Jesslyn. Titled “Black Magic,” this mesmerizing masterpiece takes viewers on an enchanting journey, showcasing Teckine’s exceptional talent and creativity. Directed by the renowned Love Weah Production, with assistance from Jackie Russ and the skilled team at Massive Media Concepts, the visuals perfectly complement the essence of the song.

Unraveling the Story

The music video for “Black Magic” tells the tale of a stunning young lady who possesses mysterious and magical powers that had a mesmerizing effect on a young man. Captivated by her exquisiteness, he becomes obsessed and relentlessly pursues her. In a twist of fate, the young woman teleports them to an undiscovered location adorned with vibrant African artifacts and surrounded by a sea of black roses.

Teckine’s Artistic Brilliance

Teckine’s exceptional talent shines through in “Black Magic.” With his melodious and soulful vocals, he effortlessly brings the emotions of the song to life, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in its enchanting atmosphere. Through his captivating performance, Teckine demonstrates why he is considered one of the most promising music artists of our time.

Collaborating with Jesslyn

Teckine’s collaboration with the talented songstress Jesslyn adds another layer of depth to “Black Magic.” With her soulful and powerful voice, Jesslyn complements Teckine’s vocals impeccably, creating a harmonious and captivating sound. Their chemistry shines through in the music video, further captivating viewers with their undeniable talent.

The Creative Vision of Love Weah Production

Under the direction of Love Weah, the music video for “Black Magic” comes to life with vivid visuals and captivating storytelling. Love Weah, renowned for her ability to weave narratives through her creative lens, brought Teckine’s vision to reality. The attention to detail and the meticulous choice of sets adds an extra layer of authenticity to the video, transporting viewers into a world of mystique and intrigue.

Showcasing African Artifacts

In the music video for “Black Magic,” viewers are treated to a mesmerizing display of African artifacts that further enhance the enchanting atmosphere. From beautifully crafted masks to intricate sculptures, each artifact tells a story of its own, adding cultural richness and historical significance to the visuals. This homage to African heritage perfectly complements the theme of the song, creating a captivating fusion of music and art.

The Symbolism of Black Roses

Throughout the video, black roses play a significant role, symbolizing the protagonist’s obsession with the mysterious young woman. Black roses have long been associated with the unknown, magic, and enchantment. Their presence in “Black Magic” adds an element of mystique and intrigue, capturing the essence of the story and creating a visually stunning representation of the emotions portrayed in the song.


Teckine’s release of the music video for “Black Magic” showcases his remarkable talent and creative vision. Paired with Jesslyn’s exceptional vocals and the incredible work of Love Weah Production, this masterpiece takes viewers on an enchanting journey. With its captivating storyline, mesmerizing visuals, and soulful music, “Black Magic” solidifies Teckine’s position as a rising legend in the music industry. Be sure to watch the music video and experience the magic for yourself.

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