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Video of Jzyno’s massive hit Butter My Bread with Lasmid gets 1 million views in 13 days

In less than two weeks, the prolific musician, Jzyno, took the media waves by storm as his "Butter My Bread" video with Lasmid hit 1 million views. Discover his journey to this incredible milestone.

The Ghana-based Liberian sensation, Jzyno has once again stirred the African music industry. His impressive video, “Butter My Bread” with Lasmid, broke records by gaining 1 million views in a record 13 days. But how did Jzyno achieve this? What makes this video so special? Let’s dig deeper into the magic behind the milestone.

Dropping like it’s hot, Jzyno and Lasmid’s video hit the YouTube waves and gracefully swam into the hearts of a million viewers in just a fortnight. They took the music industry by storm, with their collaborative masterpiece ‘Butter My Bread’ leaping to the top of the listener’s choice as quickly as it dropped. Need a taste of what’s in this massive hit?

The dynamic duo projected an infusion of authentic Liberian and Ghanaian vibes, forming a harmoniously colloquial music conversation that resonates with their audience. It’s like a slice of toast, gaining its golden, exciting moments under the broiler of Jzyno and Lasmid’s creativity. By hitting a million views in 13 days, they have truly buttered our bread, haven’t they?

Their Musical Expertise: A Tale of Mastery

The expertise of Jzyno and Lasmid is undisputable. Lasmid, the MTN hitmaker season 8 winner, is known for his exemplary delivery of captivating lyrics. Lasmid’s proficiency harmoniously blends with Jzyno’s creative prowess, driving an authentic rhythm that hits right at the heart of their fans.

Can one imagine a better duo than this? From the quality of the video to the lyrics and the melody, every bit of the hit song is a testament to their unmatched proficiency in the field of music. Their authority shines through the hit, creating a trust bond with their listeners who know that they are in for a treat any time these two step on the scene.

Breaking Records and Setting Trends

Just how did Jzyno’s video get 1 million views in 13 days? This is just a testament to the height of excellence they managed to achieve. Their remarkable rise to fame is not hocus-pocus – it’s the result of passion, talent, innovation, hard work and dedication. Is it any wonder that they’ve struck such a chord with listeners globally? Jzyno and Lasmid have set a trend, a golden standard for those coming after them. Their bar is unique – a harmonious blend that gives both Ghanaian and Liberian music a sweet spot on the international scene.

With each musician bringing a unique flare to the song, their collaboration was an instant recipe for success. The tune, brimming with harmony, coupled with witty lyrics quickly became a fan favorite. However, the real icing on the cake was the video, directed by the legendary Clarence Peters. His unique directorial vision brought a fresh appeal to the song and was indeed instrumental in attracting the million viewers.

In conclusion:

Jzyno has set the African Music Industry ablaze. His hit video, a massive collaboration with Lasmid, dubbed “Butter My Bread”, notched up a record-breaking 1 million views in just 15 days. Such a milestone solidifies Jzyno’s authority in the music scene, reassuring listeners of his profound expertise.

This Ghana-based Liberian sensation, Jzyno and his massive hit video “Butter My Bread” with Lasmid, has stirred the African music scene by gaining 1 million views in a record 15 days. Make no mistake, the excitement is only starting. As we await more from this dynamic duo, we can’t help but ask: what’s next for Jzyno and Lasmid?

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