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Winning Big: Jackie Russ Shines as Music Video Director of the Year at the Shining Stars Africa Awards 2023

Liberian music video director, Jackie Russ makes a mark, clinching the award for the best music video director at the Shining Star Africa Awards 2023, a testament to his influential works in the African music industry.

Liberia’s renowned music video director, Alex Nyenga, better known in the industry as Jackie Russ, inked his name further into the annals of African Music History books. This epoch-making event took place at the prestigious Shining Stars Africa Awards 2023, held on September 2, 2023, in Johannesburg, South Africa’s bustling city. But, who is Jackie Russ, and what makes this feat notable?

Spotlight on Jackie Russ

A master of visuals, Jackie Russ dazzles in the music video genre, skillfully capturing the rhythm, emotion, and story behind the lyrics. His ability to bring otherwise mundane stories to stunning life has marked him a trailblazer, pioneering new paths in an industry steeped in tradition.

Why is this award significant? Simply put, it’s an affirmation of Jackie’s sterling contributions to music and video art in Africa, a testament to his unwavering dedication and hard work.

Shining Star Africa Awards: Celebrating African Excellence

The maiden edition of The Shining Star Africa Awards was designed to recognize and celebrate outstanding individuals and organizations that have made remarkable contributions in diverse fields. These range from music, entrepreneurship, science, arts to agriculture. Interestingly, the award is non-discriminatory, open to anyone from African countries who has made a positive impact on the continent’s development within the last year. Nothing breeds hope like the recognition and celebration of one’s diligence, inventiveness, and resilience.

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Roland Ross ft. Teddy Ride (Pump Tire)- Directed by Jackie Russ

A Milestone for African Music Industry

This recognition of Jackie Russ at the Shining Star Africa Awards 2023 cements his place as a leading music video director in Africa. Through his innovative direction, Jackie has continually projected Africa’s rich music culture and ethos to a broader audience.

What does this award represent? For Jackie Russ and the African music space, it’s a bold reflection of the potential, progress and power of African music globally. Ultimately, this award is a celebration of the spirit, audacity, and ingenuity of African creatives.

He said winning at the Shining Stars Africa Awards was an amazing accomplishment for himself and his country Liberia.

“I feel honored to be acknowledged for the time, dedication and sacrifice put into my craft and i appreciate the massive support that i received from home”

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Da Vero ft. Tamba Hali (Pepper Dem) – Directed by Jackie Russ

Crowning it all, Jackie Russ’s feat at this premier awards ceremony attests to the power of vision, resilience and the unyielding promise of Africa to the world. This is not just a win for Jackie Russ but a beacon of hope for all remarkable talents on the continent, reaffirming that indeed, the world is ready to embrace and celebrate African prowess.



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